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About Us

Hi, My name is Megan. With the help of my kids, I raise Miniature Dachshunds in our home. 

We located on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee in Clarksville, TN.  (Tiny Town rd area)

Our goal here is to produce companion dogs. We start working with our puppies at a few days old. They are carried and cuddled early on, socialization is key with us. They are well socialized with adults, kids, cats and other dogs. Puppies start potty training outdoors at 6 weeks old. They are trained to come when called by 7 weeks old. By 8 weeks, they have learned to walk with me. I teach them manners such as no biting, growling or aggressive behaviors. The end product is a puppy that will miss you when you are gone, look for you when you leave, follow you around the house, and listen to you when you speak. A companion. We strive to give you the best friend your family needs. I know the stress of bringing home a puppy that is wild, and does not know how to act indoors or around kids. I am not some breeder pushing out puppies. I am training these puppies to be good dogs. To be companions.

Why buy from us?

Because we are a small breeder.  From day one your pup is a part of the family, learning manners and socializing.  It is very important for a young pup to socialize.  They can't do that if they are always in a cage with mom with little human contact.   These pups will be used to cats, children and other dogs. So hopefully no surprises when you get home.  We want the pup to fit right in!

I do not advertise: You will never find my puppies in the want ads, Craigslist or anything of the like! Most of my buyers are here through word of mouth, and it makes me feel so good to hear that I have been referred to by someone. A lot of my buyers like our Facebook page just to watch their pup grow, and then stay on our page to keep in touch. Feel free to search that page for references or to see how I'm doing.

Our dachshunds, (wiener dogs, Doxons) are raised in our home with us. They are not kept in cages or kennels, they are not kept outside, or in a separate part of the house or property. They are part of our family, so their pups will be part of yours.  Our spoiled four legged children are excellent examples of the breed.  We strive to create beautiful structurally sound pups with great dispositions.   They are TRUE weenies. All of our pups are bred for health and intelligence.  With this in mind they will be up to date on shots prior to going to their forever homes, where, hopefully, you will cuddle, kiss and love to your heart's content; they, in turn, will love you for it!

I can't say enough about our Dachshunds and how much they are loved.  You will be getting a lifelong companion, someone who will depend on you and follow you for the rest of their days.  Please don't make this decision lightly. Dachshunds can live well into their teens, up to 15 yrs old or more!!  Yes they are cute as 6 week old puppies, but they will be around for many a year.

Dachshunds come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. We carry Solids with Points, Piebalds, Dapples and Brindle patterns. Our color choices are Chocolates, Blacks, Reds and Creams. All of our breeding dogs our Miniatures.

We are registered with the AKC. Our puppies are sold as Pet Only, if interested in papers please contact us.

We microchip all of our puppies with "Home Again"

I have spent a lot of time with this breed and am confident that the dogs I picked out for breeding will no doubt bring you quality lifelong companions.